Monday, May 29, 2006

Round 3 - Kirkendall

I am so cool, I am so popular. Aren't I cute? Oh, hello. You returned? Cool beans! You see, my boyfriend (Weldon Couderc) is in College waiting for me. I have to make sure I still look good for him. Esmond said I get to go real soon.
Isn't this sweet? Esmond returns from college and here he is with Sharlene. They met while he was in college. She has a memory of going, but I guess she dropped out or something.
Here we are at his wedding. His friends, Miles & Amethyst came to celebrate. I guess they got a baby sitter for thir son, Mitch.
Oh, this is my brother, Jacquan. He thinks he is in love with Heidi Schurzenjager. I hope he doesn't know about her other 'friends'. Between you and me, Wen told me she is also with Craig & Maxwell. Heidi is my friend, but she is messing with my brother!
Charlene changed her hair. I think it looks so much beter now.
Why oh why are they picking on me! I was just trying to have fun with my friend Kricket Cooprider. We weren't doing anything, just hanging out at the park. Would you believe this cop said something about how I was raised. Doesn't he know Esmond did the best he could for us?
My other brother, Darcy, was abducted tonight. Being he wants a family, this is just awful for him.
Editors note: One moon in picture

I am only showing this picture to show you what happened to Charlene's belly. It seems my brother and his wife have been 'busy' in the bedroom. I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!


At 3:19 PM, Blogger Alexis said...

Awww, another Kirkendall soon to join the 'hood! Loved the story from Temperance's point of view, seemed exactly like what a real teenager would say. Great updates!

At 7:10 PM, Blogger ASimWen said...

OHhh neighborhood gossip sure does fly! lolol!


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