Monday, May 29, 2006

Round 3 - Corcoran

Merlin Corcoran here. Our little house is growing up. I decided to change my look a little, my view of the world has changed some since my 'incident' in the back yard with the telescope. Did you hear about what happened at the Yessam's? I hope Rich has a good lawyer, I have heard the rumors about what he did to Jen and Chicho, tsk tsk tsk.
Here is my daughter Wen. She has been an ideal child. Studies all the time and dances around the living room.
My beautiful wife, Corky is holding our second child, Vance. Vance loves to pretend he is a masked robber.
My son Vlad playing chess with Samantha Norwood. She seems like a very nice girl. Her mom wears a maid costume around the neighborhood. I wonder if Corky can borrow it for some 'fun', hehehe.
Today Wen grew up from a child to a teen. All she talks about now is having a family.
Vance grew into a child today. Hmm, Samantha is back. You would think she is scoping my kids out for some strange reason. I heard her and Wen talking on day and it seems like she is boy crazy. Wen wouldn't hear any of it, 'That's gross, their my brothers!'
The headmaster came over to visit us the other day and all three kids are now in private school.
Hey guys! Wen here, I am taking over this spot. Look at this guy, isn't he HOT!! This is Carmine Roma. I just about died when I first saw him. We went to an electronics story and well, he said he had to pick up something. I never saw him pay for it, but he said not to worry he has 'connections'.
I ran into Lilly Potts while out and she was upset. It seems her mom sent Donte, her step-father out to spy on her. How Rude!!
Carmine and I on our first date. Don't we look great together. I am begging my father to let me got to College right away as I don't want him to slip out of my grasp. He is really down to earth and was a nice guy. He did mumble something about FINALLY being seem, not to sure what he means.
Can you believe this?? Rich Yessam is eating with some townie! Doesn't he know everyone is talking about 'THE FIRE?' I wonder if this means Lisa should be worried?

Merlin here, here are my boys eating lunch. Aren't they cool in their PJ's? Vance is still a masked villian and Vlad wants to dye his hair. What is a father to say?


At 3:15 PM, Blogger Alexis said...

Hehe, I guess Samantha Norwood wants to be Samantha Corcoran in the future! Great update. And uh-oh Rich better not be up to something AGAIN!

At 7:04 PM, Blogger ASimWen said...

Hmmm Carmine and Wen... *wink wink* I think I could use... *cough* something.... *cough* like what is in that bag.... ohhh maybe I can get in on 'connections' too.....


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