Sunday, May 21, 2006

Round 3 - Potts

Welcome back to round 3 of the Potts house. There are 9 sims in this house. 2 adults, 5 teens, and 2 toddlers (who will become children soon). I refuse to let myself move the teens out. Would be easier, but I won't do it. So needless to say, this house is busy. I don't micromanage everyone. It is fun to see what they do when left somewhat alone.
Here is a picture of the house one afternoon. I am not sure who is there in the picture. Just thought I would show this, lol.
Yeah - Rainne is now a child.
Trudy is also a child. Looks like Trudy grew up in the bathroom, hmm, probably playing with the toilet again. Both girls got their 8 charisma points and a couple of friends from the hood.
Since they can't fix their own food yet, I seemed to follow them around the house more. As you can tell from the pajamas, I bought the Family Fun pack.
Here is a picture of the cold suite. There is a bathroom, bedroom, couch, tv, and mini refrigerator. Logan is sick with a cold he caught from Lydia. So he is locked in here till he gets well. That is all I need is is sick sim wandering around.
Meet Chase Davison. Logan coughed directly in is face. I KNOW he is sick. Instead of sending him out to infect others, I locked him in this room.
As you can see here, I am trying to kill Chase. Got to love the grills. Too bad he is still alive. HE WON'T DIE!!! He was locked in there for 4 days, no food, no bathroom, and he won't die. MAXIS!!!! WHY WON"T HE DIE? WHAT DID YOU DO??? GRRRRRR
Just another picture of the twins. They are truelly identical. Rainne has a little fatter face, but over all they look the same.
Luke fell in love with Michael Profitt. Not all my Pott kids are having kids....
After their dream date, Michael brought this gift. How did he afford it? I know how much that family has in the bank and he can't buy this. Where did he steal it from????
Lilly and Rufus are potential spouse material. They spent one evening chatting after coming from from work together.

Here is my solution for the Potts house. A pool table. The quads love playing each other. I can tell this is when I was starting to set up the Chase fire, there are 2 chairs in there by him (he is passed out on the floor).


At 5:14 PM, Blogger ASimWen said...

Oh a pool table what a great idea....I will have to think about it...*scholarship money*..

At 6:46 PM, Blogger Alexis said...

Hehe, Logan is the cutest quad and he won't be having children?! Rufus and Lilly should have an interesting child if they end up together--his facial deformaties and her super skinny jaw. LOL

At 6:31 AM, Blogger PRMami said...

Well maybe that townie will die of disease so don't let him rest at all.

I already had a sim come home from work with a cold and sent her to her room with a locked door until she got well, luckily she did not see any family members on her way to rest up and she did not bring anyone home with her that day...I do not want a potential flu infecting my entire neighborhood - been there , done that and it was not fun!

At 8:04 AM, Blogger Rainne said...

Yay! Sim!Me! Heeeee!


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