Sunday, May 21, 2006

Round 3 - Yessam

I decided my houses were all going too smoothly. So, it is time for some excitement. Here is the first house to have some fun at. You see, Jen took her mom's death really hard. (Blame Blogger, it would not upload my picture of Jenn watching the clouds/stars. )
Remember in round 1 where Chico Ramirez cheated on his wife Lisa with Celeste? Well, Lisa wanted revenge. Here she is with Rich, since Jen stares at the clouds all day, who has been lonely.
Jenn & Rich fight on a daily basis now. Jenn even had the want to drink Rich and win a fight against Rich.
Vaughn grew up into a teenager in the middle of the fighting.
Javajan also grew up into a teenager.
Rich was seeing his relationship with Lisa heat up while with Jen it fell apart, so Lisa moved in. She brought her husband, Chico and daughter Tessa. Chico sold his furniture business for 78K.
Lisa and Rich developed a plan to get the spouses out of the picture.
Here is Vincent Yessam. He has grown into a fun child who likes to play cops and robbers with Tessa.
Here are some pictures from the plan that Lisa & Rich developed. Chico was making BBQ for the family while talking to Jen. Well, the pit was rigged to catch fire. Neither one was smart enough to get away. They both stayed near by and were caught in the flames.
Somehow, Jen died while Chico survived. Poor man in really bad shape, as the red thought bubble shows.
Here is a picture of when the reaper appeared for Jen.
After passing out on the ground, Chico stood up and died.
Jen's ghost
Rich and Lisa celebrated by getting married.
Here is a picture of Lisa's daughter, Tessa.
Decoration, lol
Vaughn quickly befriends Tessa. He always wants to do stuff with her, hmm. Tessa is already friends with most of the hood as she came around a lot.
Rich decided to get in shape for Lisa and change his whole look. Here is the new Rich.
After all the deaths, the house was bulldozed and a new house was put in it's place. The bedrooms are all below ground in the basement.
Life goes on at the Yessam's house. Here we have a guest stopping by for the Nanny's special Jello.

Time to say goodbye to the new Yessam family.


At 5:16 PM, Blogger ASimWen said... Yessams is all different! Hehehe Checo is gone...hehehe I bet Rich and Lisa will have a good life togehter. Tessa is a pretty girl hmmm maybe her and Vaughn will get a thang goin'. lol

At 6:50 PM, Blogger Alexis said...

You killed Jenn! Oh my...that is certainly not something I ever considered in my game. Very interesting though...are you setting up Vaughn and his now step-sister Tess?

At 5:42 AM, Blogger PRMami said...

Wow - that's one way to blend the OFB families LOL - I already have Landgraab in one of my homes ...hmmm I may need to keep my eyes open to see if any other OFB families want to be a part of my Fellowship . I think I'm about all caught up now. :)


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